Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fangirl Ode to My Twitter Followers

In high school I played volleyball
But I wrote poetry in math class.
I love doing my nails and shopping at the mall,
Yet it's always been my dream to kick a little vamp ass.

I've made excuses to skip hang outs,
Instead spending time with my TV screen
Who has endured countless bouts
of my pleading--how can Angelus be so mean?

My Buffy twitter is something at times I can hate (but most often like).
I spend so much time on it, my life is consumed.
But who would drool with me over Spike,
Or laugh with me when Giles mutters, "The earth is doomed." ?

So I want to thank all the new friends I've made
Without you I would feel extremely low;
Because here it DOES matters who Buffy has slayed,
And the fact that we all love Willow :)

The feelings that with me you all share
Which turn into a full blown Whedonverse chat,
Show me that you all really care,
And I am forever grateful for that!



  1. Lovely poem!!!!! Great job, Charlotte!!!!!


  2. Never watched Buffy when it was on..just discovered it about 4 months ago and am on my fourth Marathon! Your twits just brighten my day. And nice job on this your blogs.