Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello blog world!

Hi (potential) readers!
So I am nineteen years old. Blogs are for old people. Like... thirty year olds. Am I right? Yet here I am, creating a blog. Mainly because I want to further spread my love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as my blog title ensues. I had a personal twitter account (@charlottelove18) for about six months before I realized that I was losing followers DAILY due to the amount of tweets I dedicated to talking about/quoting Buffy. Consequently, @BuffyQuotes101 was born. I have had the BEST time with this account, y'all. I based  BuffyQuotes101 on accounts that I was already following on my personal one such as @BuffyQuoter and @ToQuoteBuffy who already had hundreds of followers. I was a little intimidated, of course, about creating a fan base out of thin air. Yet I was immediately welcomed into the Buffy twitter world, and my number of followers continues to grow each day. I am proud to say at this very moment it's up to 245! It's truly amazing. Which is another reason why I wanted to create a blog--to share my love for my amazing twitter account!

However, as many tweeters and bloggers have in common, I am also a fanatic of many things other than Buffy. So I'd like to use this blog on top of my twitter account to share my thoughts and feelings about my likes and dislikes of myriad shows, movies, music... whatever! I am looking forward to this blog and reading many other blogs as well!!!


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  1. welcome to the blogosphere!

    Make sure to follow mine too at fuzzytuna.blogspot :)