Sunday, March 18, 2012

New & Improved

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my new and improved blog. I was previously BuffyQuotes101 (still am on twitter, of course) but I really wanted to write a lot more and expand my horizons, if you will. Thus, TVblogger101 was born!

It's a little ambitious, but my dream job is to write about and review TV as a living. I asked a big writer (@televisionary) for The Daily Beast on twitter what's the best way to pursue this goal and he told me, "Start a blog, write every day, find some paid freelance assignments, turn it into a career." So that's what I'm doing, ladies and gents.

Not quite sure exactly what I want this blog to be yet--hopefully somewhere where I can share my passion of television. From LOST to Twin Peaks to The Vampire Diaries to Firefly, I hope y'all will enjoy at least some of what I write about. :)

-Charlotte <3

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