Friday, September 7, 2012

Buffy the Vampire Slayer DRINKING GAME

Hey, y'all!!! I'm so pumped for tonight's Buffy twitter drinking game!!
We will start at 9:30 pm eastern time and we are watching two episodes from season 3: "Lover's Walk" and "Bad Girls," in that order. Use the hashtag #BtVSdrinking to join in the fun :)

So here's the deal. @sarekins (Sarah) and I are hosting, and we just want to make a few things clear...

1. You (obviously) do NOT have to drink alcohol to be in the game. You can stuff your face with ice cream, you can do jumping jacks, you can just watch and tweet along if you want! Totally up to you and your preferences.

2. Just because we are "hosting" this event, it does NOT mean we are liable if you black out, call your ex, get noise complaints from the neighbors, etc. Got it?

3. When we say OK, DRINK! it does NOT mean take a shot every time, or even take a sip of your drink every time... unless you want it to. Know your own limits and realize that half the fun is we are all just going to be doing two things we love: drinking and watching Buffy! It's not a race or a competition.

4. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the rules:

-Buffy speaks figuratively (includes metaphors, sarcasm, and puns)

-Xander references his stupidity
-Giles references something historic/bookish/cleans his glasses
-Willow references a spell
-Oz needs to explain his emotions
-Cordelia says something tactless/catty
-Spike rapidly switches emotional states (sad to angry, serious to joyful)
-Faith plays by her own rules/says something sexual/or says "Five by Five"
-Wesley passes down fortune cookie wisdom
-Anyone says "Hellmouth"
-A human gets killed
-"Mr. Adjective", "Ms. Adjective" (i.e. "Joe Normal", "Miss Sunnydale 2003")

Tweet me at @BuffyQuotes101 if you have any questions!!! See y'all tonight!

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