Friday, October 5, 2012



Happy happy Friday! What better way to celebrate the weekend than to watch a little Buffy and drink along with all your twitter friends?! ....there's not one, obviously.

So tonight we are going back to the beginning and watching some SEASON ONE episodes!!
At 9:00pm Eastern time tonight, we will watch 1x07: "Angel" and 1x11: "Out of Mind, Out of Sight," in that order. Please remember to add the hashtag #BtVSdrinking to all your tweets so everyone can join in and follow along. :)

You (obviously) don't have to drink alcohol, when we (your hosts--me, @BuffyQuotes101 and Sarah, @sarekins) say DRINK, you can eat a spoonful of ice cream or maybe do 5 jumping jacks... or just show up and watch/tweet along!!! Whatever you guys want to do.

Remember--have fun, be safe, and PLEASE don't drink too much... if you black out (like I did last time...) or call your ex or do any other crazy shenanigans, Sarah and I are not to blame. ;)


"DRINK" when....

-The Master quotes ancient text or Scripture
-Xander makes a dig at Angel/Cordelia, or acts possessive of Buffy
-Angel speaks cryptically
-Buffy covers her slayer tracks with a fib
-Willow swoons over boy talk
-Sexual tension between Buffy & Angel
-Giles talks about research/training/cleans his glasses
-Xander & Willow are adorably cute best friends
-Buffy complains about slaying
-The gang is at the Bronze
-Buffy speaks figuratively (includes metaphors, sarcasm, and puns)
-Cordelia says something tactless/catty
-Anyone says "Hellmouth"

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