Friday, November 2, 2012

Post-Halloween Halloween #BtVSdrinking Game!!!

Well, it's two days after October 31st but I bet you have yet to celebrate Halloween.... BUFFY STYLE!!

So please join me (@BuffyQuotes101) and Sarah (@sarekins) on twitter tonight at 9:00 pm eastern time to play round 3 of #BtVSdrinking!!

We will be watching all three Buffy Halloween-themed episodes, in this order:

1. "Halloween" (season 2)
2. "Fear Itself" (season 4)
3. "All the Way" (season 6)

Remember, do NOT feel the need to drink alcohol, when we say "DRINK" you can do whatever you want--a spoonful of ice cream, 5 jumping jacks... your choice :)

And, as always, have a blast and enjoy a fun night of Buffy with your friends!!

Here are the rules for tonight's #BtVSdrinking Game: (so, "DRINK" when....)

  • Cordelia is catty
  • Buffy/Angel sexual tension
  • Buffy speaks figuratively
  • Giles references something historical/bookish
  • Willow is adorable
  • Drusilla speaks prophetically
  • Xander puts himself down
  • Oz is sarcastic
  • Willow references a spell
  • Anya speaks very literally/bluntly
  • Anya makes an observation about humanity
  • Dawn complains about being neglected (limit one per scene)
  • Spike is romantic/sexual

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